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Top 3 Benefits of Polarized Lens Sunglasses

Top 3 Benefits of Polarized Lens Sunglasses-AMAVII Eyewear

To protect your eye health, eye doctors recommend wearing sunglasses all year round especially in very sunny areas. Polarized lens sunglasses aren’t just a day time accessory, they’re a functional part of your outfit, helping you see better when driving or navigating down a ski slope.


Here’s how polarized lens offers the following advantages over non-polarized lenses:

  1. Increases visual comfort.

Eyestrain is a by-product of glare. Polarized sunglass lenses diminishes glare from the sun and reflected light, reducing eyestrain and symptoms that include blurred vision, fatigue and headache.

Hereith Paul in AMAVII Eyewear

2. Outdoor sports

Polarized lens not only protects against the vertical UV rays coming directly from the sun, they also protect against the horizontal light that is reflected off of water and solid objects.

3. Enhance visual clarity

Polarized lens enhances colors and improves contrast vividly which helps improve vision. They also improve visual accuracy by providing enhanced depth perception.

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